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In our name we wished to summarize our knowledge and objectives: EU- a prefix that in Greek indicates “good” which in conjunction with –MECA creates the meaning of “good mechanics”. But EU stands also for Europe, to indicate that our objectives and knowledge are beyond our local area and look at an ever larger market. Finally, Eumeca sounds similar to Eureka, the famous Archimedes’ exclamation that literally means “I found out!”, and has the purpose of highlighting the results obtainable with ingenuity. Our logo, a light bulb whose rays have the profile of the toothed wheel involute, wishes to summarise these concepts.

We want to explain our mission from the very first presentation to our Clients: innovation in mechanics, well aware that to be the first on the market it is necessary to differentiate, inventing new products and processes and providing services that are always at the forefront.

Eumeca S.r.l. was established in June 2007, and currently employs seven engineers and mechanical designers, all young and brilliant people, an administrative assistant and external professional contractors. As an engineering firm, it offers to the market a wide range of services related to design and consulting. Eumeca specialises in particular in the field of industrial automation (woodworking, packaging, pick and place, positioners), lifting and transport (bridge cranes, trestles, overhead cranes, sling bars, clamps), andconsulting services on certifications.

To complete the projects, the professionals at Eumeca S.r.l. use the latest generation 3D CAD software. In particular:

  • Solid Edge, up to the last version available
  • PTC Pro/Engineer
  • PTC Simulate

Eumeca S.r.l. hardware includes:

  • 8 latest generation desktop workstations
  • 2 portable workstations

Since 2007, Eumeca has also been using advanced cloud systems (Google for apps business). Finally, to ensure information security, the server is replicated in real time on the cloud, and every week 3 full system-wide backups are performed. Each backup is maintained for 12 months before being permanently overwritten.

Massimiliano Piccioli
Massimiliano Piccioli
Massimiliano Piccioli, graduated in Mechanical Engineering with honours in the year 2000 at the University of Bologna; he worked as an Engineer for leading national companies in the heavy lifting and industrial automation sectors before establishing Eumeca S.r.l. in 2007. He is Owner and Sole Director of Eumeca S.r.l.
Piero Livi
Piero Livi
Piero Livi, graduated in Mechanical Engineering with honours in 2013 at the University of Ancona; he wrote his thesis while at Eumeca S.r.l., and since then he has been part of the staff. He is Owner and Technical Manager of Eumeca S.r.l.
Barbara Talevi
Barbara Talevi
Barbara Talevi, at Eumeca is in charge of the company’s office and administrative management. She is Owner and Administrative Manager of Eumeca S.r.l.