Use and Maintenance Manual

VIDEOMuM is an innovative service that is aimed at all companies that build CE marked equipment and therefore have the obligation to deliver the use and maintenance manual.

Often in the paper instructions, with only words and images, it is difficult to transmit all the information necessary to the operator/maintenance technician to perform the indicated operations. The basic idea that prompted us to propose this new product is that A VIDEO TRANSMITS MUCH MORE INFORMATIONS which often, in the drafting of a manual, can be left out due to forgetfulness or because taken for granted, and which can therefore generate disputes between the user and the manufacturer.

Furthermore, too often the manual that is delivered ends up dusty on the bottom of some office drawer, so it may happen that the user has no way of being able to consult it.

VIDEOMuM can be consulted by framing the special anti-reflective aluminum plate riveted on the machine, at the point to be subjected to maintenance or that requires further instructions.

In this way the operator, through the use of a smartphone or tablet directly in front of the part to be maintained or from the office by typing the link indicated on the plate, can view the instruction video for the machine.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has the possibility to update the videos even after the manual has been delivered by implementing unforeseen functions.

Finally, the maintenance staff of the machine no longer needs to be directly instructed by the parent company, but can carry out complex operations by viewing the video.

So with VIDEOMuM:

  • You can give much more informations, more precise and more timely
  • You can edit the video even after delivering the machine
  • You can instruct maintenance technicians even from a distance, and employ unskilled personnel for complex operations
  • You can give quick access, via QRCode, to the manual