Structural calculations and calculation reports, FEM analysis and resistance tests.

A structural calculation is an analysis of the solicitations and deformations to which a component under the solicitation of external forces or deformations is subjected.

In the design of metal structures and mechanical components in general it is always fundamental to subject the designed component to a structural calculation.

This allows, on the one hand, to obtain components with performance adequate to ensure smooth operation and, on the other hand, to avoid useless and economically damaging over-sizing. Eumeca S.r.l. makes use of CAD (Computer Aided Design) and FEM (Finite Element Method) tools to check all its projects. In addition, it verifies that the structures or mechanical components are always meeting the requirements of the regulations in force within the country of the client.

Upon request, it also supplies technical reports stamped and signed by certified engineers and valid for all uses established by the law.