Industrial Automation

Design of automatic machines for woodworking industry, iron, packaging and automotive sectors.

Industrial automation pursues three fundamental objectives:

  • Design and build machines that carry out repetitive work indipendently.
  • Design and build machines that execute operations with higher perfomance than a human operator, that is, faster, more powerful or more accurate
  • Design and build machines that work in hostile or dangerous environments for humans

Eumeca S.r.l. designs automatic and special machines. The client can make use of the experience of Eumeca S.r.l. to design machines that optimize their production, it may require the modification or implementation of existing machines.

Experience and creativity are required to design an automatic machine. Eumeca Srl is fortunate to possess, among its professionals, all these qualities.

The first phase of the study consists in drawing up the specifications and giving the right importance to each variable: performance, functionality, flexibility, price, design, time to market.

Then we continue identifying the possible desing solutions,inquiring about what the competition offers and what suppliers offer. On the basis of a first “logical” block diagram drawn up on paper, we proceed to construct a diagram of the overall dimensions of each function of the machine, leaving room for the imagination.

Subsequently, the overall dimensions are transformed into siprototypable components.