Design of automated machines for the wood, iron, packaging, and automotive sectors.

Industrial automation pursues three fundamental objectives:

  • to design and build machines that can perform repetitive tasks in full autonomy
  • to design and build machines that can perform operations with greater performance respect to a human operator, meaning faster, more powerful or more accurate operations
  • to design and build machines that can work in hostile or dangerous environments

Eumeca S.r.l. designs automatic and special machines. The client can rely on the experience of Eumeca S.r.l. to design machines that can optimize production and request the modification or enhancement of existing machines.

In order to design an automated machine it is necessary to have experience and creativity. Eumeca Srl is lucky enough to have all these skills thanks to the qualifications of its professionals.

The first design stage consists in drafting the specifications and assigning the correct importance to each variable: performance, functionality, flexibility, price, appearance and time to market.

The next step is to identify the possible design solutions, reviewing the competition and getting information on what the suppliers have to offer. On the basis of a first “logic” block diagram prepared on paper then the overall dimensions are defined based on the operation of the machine, leaving room for creativity.

Subsequently, the overall dimensions are turned into components that can be prototyped.