CE Marking

The Machine Directive 2006/42 / EC requires that products placed on the market must satisfy certain safety requirements; by product, as defined by the Machinery Directive, we mean:

  • machines;
  • interchangeable equipment;
  • safety components;
  • lifting accessories;
  • chains, ropes and straps;
  • removable mechanical transmission devices;
  • partly-machines.

Placing on the market makes no difference between own use (self-built machine) or free sale or transfer to third parties.

By machine we also mean a ‘set of machines’, more commonly defined as ‘line’.

When multiple machines are available, it is not enough that each machine complies with European Directives, but it is essential that the entire line as a whole is also analyzed and satisfy the whole safety requirements.

Eumeca is able to analyze machine lines, perform gap analysis and risk analysis to highlight any non-conformities, propose design solutions to eliminate non-conformities, implement the proposed solutions and finally draw up the documentation necessary for certification. Upon request, Eumeca can also act as the manufacturer’s representative, signing the certificate of compliance with the European Directives