Tiltami is a machine built specifically to pick up coils and strips placed horizontally on pallets and unload them onto the reel.
The machine can lift coils weighing up to 2000 kg, with a diameter of up to 1900 mm. Customizable versions are available on request.
The operation of picking up, tipping and positioning on the reel can be done by a single operator, in a few minutes, and in complete safety.


Coil removal

The operator moves Tiltami like a common pallet truck: he approaches the pallet and puts the coil on; in this phase he must be careful to approach until the coil is completely inserted into the forks. Subsequently, the operator manually acts on the levers which prevent the coil from oscillating excessively during overturning. Then it can move freely in the dedicated areas, transporting the coil to the unloading area, where the reel is present.

Lifting and tilting

When the operator has reached the front area of ​​the reel, he can begin the lifting and overturning operations of the coil. The machine’s intelligence prevents movements that could cause danger or damage to the machine itself; for example, if the coil is not lifted from the ground by the right amount, the machine prevents it from overturning to avoid the coil hitting the flooring. At the end of this phase the operator finds himself with the coil positioned vertically, in front of the reel and in the path for its deposit.

Positioning on the reel

The operator simply advances with the trolley and adjusts the deposit heights and can leave the coil on the reel, in the dedicated location. The intelligence of the machine also prevents anomalous operations in this case; as long as the coil is present on the forks the machine prevents the forks from making movements that could release the coil.

Disengagement from the reel

In this last phase, when the coil is resting on the reel, the operator has nothing left to do but widen the forks, disengage the trolley and move backwards to proceed with a new operation, quickly and above all safely